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Ty Ana Williams picture thoughts in and around her Jr. career in tennis, Golf & Track/field. "Do you believe"

"Is this the shot that will make the papers"

"enough of the picture stuff, I can't wait to open this basket"

"I don't, what happen I was, but, but she's so little....."Ok size doesn't matter in tennis"

Did anyone here think that they were going to take you home.......Not

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"Seeing her makes me believe even more"

"I really did hit a hole in one everyone saw me, come I'll do it again"

"I'm going grow-up and play tennis 5hrs a day 6days a week, or get my reward, Ice Cream"

"Nope, I'm not replaying that point, that's game, set, match"

"This is the weirdest match I ever had, 0-6  6-0  6-0,  I lost"

etoys.com (GSI)

"Do I have to play a girl,"Boy you don't want any of this"

"This little girl is unbelievable"

"Who is that little girl"

"Come on girl we can take these guys"

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I want to say she's my grandmother from another time.........but she's not, she's more like my sister from another mother.......although she could be my parents......parent..........and she's truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Fields

"I hope she is getting my good side"

"Who else should I chose to be on the court"

"This thing is really heavy and hot too"

"I wonder if I could play tennis in heels"

"I keep telling you people, I am Ty Ana Williams"

"I II will show these little kids how board breaking is done"

"babies, oh, little people, no 10 & under plays on the other side. "You must don't know my name."  (6-4  5-7  7-6(11/9)  3hrs  40mins  G16s........I lost  I just turn 9yrs old

"Last call for Ty Ana Williams,but, but I'm right here, hello "

"I don't see my picture in the paper"

"Stevie catch her, you to John.....these guys will never pass me.....zoom,  zoom"

"Are you sure you are on the right court" Lets just start the match

"This award is all mine, hole in one birdie"

"I don't know about you girl, but I could take both of these little boys easy.  Wow "

Just serve the ball old man, and I'll do the rest.