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Ty Ana Wiliams 10yr. old Winner of the LiL Mo North Reg 11yr. Divi 07, Now 11yrs, North Regional "FIRST" repeat Champion 08

Born in 1997, Ty Ana Williams quickly took to the tennis court. Having been on the court as a baby she had a sense of familiarity. Watching her brother play and train has put her in a comfort zone on the tennis court. Competing in the 10s - 12s - 14s - 16s - 18s Jr. division.
She said "They all are the same to me."

2020 has been a very interesting year for me and my family as well as everyone across the world. I have advanced myself with self improvement and gifting my time and resorces to causes all over the world with my new and unexpected free time. Face- coverings, hand sanitizing and vaccinations with "patience" will help us all make it to 2021...

"Patience is a virtue" that's what my farther tells me" Ty Ana Williams

{2020 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams experience expands decades, between Ty Ana her brother and her father, their tennis experience exceeds 85 years with a winning year percentile of over 98% plus. She has enjoyed every year good or bad from the age of 2yrs old to present day. She has tried to improve every step along her journey in life as well as in tennis. Ty Ana hopes to in the near future share her experiences with others through future programs she is and will be envolved with and organize.

"Time is a virtue of success, and time can be magic to." Ty Ana Williams

{2019 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams has filled some of her free time with the best causes she could find for her volunteerism, "on average me and my family volunteer apprxly 250 hours a year." I help out at pet shelters, homeless shelters, Golf foundations, community meals programs, tennis programs, fundraising events, Senior athletic events, community lunch programs, Kid activity programs, animal adoption events, Home for military programs, Children life parties events, Dog walking events, school demostration events, Zoo exhibits and animals display and maintenance, and many more events and programs. I will start organizing some of these kinds of events and programs myself in the near future.

"Helping others is Magic To" stated Ty Ana Williams

{2018 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams has played in approximately 500 matches and has won well over half those matches(in 8 different divisions at the same time earlier in her younger years), but she is now assistanting in another kind of match, through her volunteering at an organization that helps, in most cases with desperately ill children with possibly the last vacation of a life time. Ty Ana has participated in approximately 10 life parties in the past 6mnths, bringing joy to the children and families of the participants.

"I help with these great events and I would hope to sponsor some of these events myself in the future." stated Ty Ana Williams

"Helping is magic to"
{2017 footnote}

18 & under division, I have finally aged out of this division. I have been in this age group for 10 years, I have seen many girls come and go, but I was still there. Many thought I was a little big girl, but I was just a little girl. I haven't played in this division for 3 years. I had fun there, it was fun for me, but we moved on, not vary far because I have been in the woman's division for almost the same time.

"Learning is magic to" Ty Ana Williams
{2016 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams was a volunteer for the USATF National Jr. Olympic Track and Field Championships event over the summer, and it brought back some memories of the Jr. times I had at events like this, it was fun to be on the other side of the table watching and helping these young people achieve some of their goals by making sure the events I was involved with ran smoothly. I was actually the same age as some of them, but in reality a long, long way, apart from them because my memories of this time in my life was about five years ago. I've seen and have done a lot and have plan to do even more in my young life, and I hope that the Jrs. participants will do the same.

"Magic is inspirational to" Ty Ana Williams

{2015 footnote}

I've been in 1st place in competitions apprxly 100 times give or take a couple ?? and I've been in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place apprxly the same amount of times; but I've also finished in:
Better luck next time
See you later
Not this time
Come back next year
Nice try
Thanks for playing
a couple of hundreds of times give or take a few ???, but I understand that without those wrong turns I would have never seen any of those 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th places'

"I believe in perseverance to, it can be Magic" Ty Ana Williams
{2014 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams volunteered for the Senior Games an Olympic style event for seniors of all ages. She was scheduled for the Golf and Tennis events, two events that she has done well in throughout her young life.

"I was happy to be apart of this event. I have volunteered my time for many things, but it was great to see the seniors in action. My doubles partner is a senior and she is incredible. I hope that I can grow young and be like her, and all the seniors that I saw there, because they were all excellent"

"Believe, it's ageless"
{2014 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams ends 2013, 2012 and 2011 with the 1 ranking in the CDTA District Women's Division as well as 2013 and 2012 Midwest Women's Division consecutively; that's over 150 weeks for Chicago and over 100 weeks for the Midwest Region.
"I try to just play, but sometimes I think about winning and that's not always good for me on the International stage (ITF Pro Circuit), it's all a learning process my father tells me, maybe one day soon, I'll see it all come together for me." stated Ty Ana Williams
"I believe"
(2014 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams, qualifies in singles, hundreds of ladies and girls are trying to make it thur the qualify all over the world. Getting thur can be a feat in itself, some are less challenging than others, but all the same progress.
"I went there to get thur, and I did, now I working on staying out of them completely" Ty Ana stated

This summer Ty Ana Williams, used her free time, what little she could find, to a Free Lunch Program for kids in the community where she was based. Spending her mornings preparing the bag lunches and than helping to hand out the lunches at 12noon. She also help in clean up and next day readiness for the next group of volunteers. This was a treat for her twice a week, for approx a month and a half; when she could, in between her training, matches, travels, and school work; as well as other obligations.

"I enjoyed doing this it was fun, rain or shine we were out there, because some of the kids needed us there, so we were. I only wish that a could have done more, but that was all I could do for them for now, maybe in the future I will have the opportunity to do a bit more for many more children all over." Ty Ana Williams

"I believe"
{2013 Footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, has often helped out at many charity events throughout the years, fundraising, community help, event volunteer ect. for adults and youth programs; sometimes she's given recognition and sometimes not. For the past two years she has help with the Youth Kettle Challenge for the Salvation Army Organization, its a Christmas time event. She has received an appreciation for her help at the Youth Holiday Award Celebration Dinner. For the last two years she has raised $2,126.00 during the Holiday Season, in between her travels, matches, schoolwork, personal time, and other obligations. That would provide over 80days of Day Camp, over 140 nights of shelter to homeless men or over 85 bags of groceries to needed families, she also gives her own money to this and other charitable organizations.

"I don't mine helping out at these events, its fun and I can help better my part of the world. Everyone should help out and maybe we can change the world for the better" stated Ty Ana Williams " Believe "
{2013 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, continues her leading of the USTA/MW Adult District & Region #1 in Singles (a position she has held on and off from 6th grade to now) and Doubles with her partner, decades her senior as well as her Pro partner who she qualified with last year on the Pro circuit. Improving on the level of competition she's made progress on her road to her future tennis goals.
"patience, patience, is what my father tells me, I'm listening......... I'm normally at the end of tournaments, but last year not so, but this year I was towards the end of two events, just a little more I say. My father say that 30 is the new 20 in tennis today, and I could take off 5yrs and still have plenty of time to reach all my goals in tennis.............I'm listening" Magic, I believe
{2012 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, 14yr old and 6mnths on the ITF Pro Circuit, finding the adjustments to her game so that she can compete internationally; qualified in doubles to the main draw, she is adding more skill, speed and POWER to compliment her talents, to do so in the singles as well.
" I've been schedule to play in the 10K to the 100K events in the U.S. England, China, Italy, and other countries. I know I will be there, but I also know that I'm still young. I no longer think about winning, just learning, because I'm young, very young and I have a lot of time at my age."
"I believe"
{2011 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams & The Cincinnati Open 2011. The newly combine Men & Women event was excellent. She qualified for Singles and Doubles in the Midwest Open Series, and was looking forward to playing beside the ladies.
" I qualified for singles and doubles in the Midwest Open Series, finished 3rd and 2nd in the series. I got a chance to play beside the ladies and on the center new courts. I sized up them both and the courts was comment "
" Only time will tell "
{2011 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, 13yr old eighth grader, will play on the USTA Pro Circuit for higher competition. After playing the Jr.'s ,Women and Collegiate events at the International, National, Regional and District levels, Ty Ana Williams, will start training for her future goals.
" I've had a lot of success winning and that's great, but I know the tide will turn, so I'll like to start riding that wave now, than later" stated Ty Ana Williams
"Is it Magic or Me"
{2011 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, 13yr old ranked 52nd on the USTA Top 500 Women in America , (comprised of consistent regular players across the country) {2011 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, successfully makes transition to USTA / ITA National College Showdown events. Playing in these events for two years now, she has improved her record from 6/8 to 10/5 and counting. Playing at Bradley, WMU, COD, NFU, Illini, Kalamazoo, NU, MSU and other tennis programs with players 5 to 10yrs her senior, and some of the best collegiate players in the nation.
" I enjoy playing at these schools, the coaches are very nice, and these ladies are more my speed.........................for NOW. "said Ty Ana
" Girl Power, its Magic "
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, to appear on the new season of Black Nouveau, a PBS station Magazine Show with host Faithe Colas, to air 9.22.10 @ 6.30pm part 1 and part 2 to air 10.6.10 @ 6.30pm - show producer Everett Marshburn. A spot on the USYG and her participation in the National event.
"This was very fun, I enjoyed every bit of the shoot. The host was very nice and the film crew was helpful to. I also met the Executive Producer, he was very kind and friendly as well." said Ty Ana
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, MW Open Series update: Ty Ana didn't win the Finals Championship in single or doubles, but did end the 5 event series as the #1 over all point holder in doubles, with her partner 17+ yrs her senior.
"I finished the last year finals 3rd over all in singles and 5th in doubles, do to an unexpected lost by the best doubles team this year in the finals, we finished #1 over all in the series, that was with our efforts, friendship, determination, and dedication to our partnership, oh yeah and Magic" stated Ty Ana
"Magic, can just happen to"
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, returns to the Midwest Open Series Finals to be played at the 2010 Cincinnati Open. She reached the finals in singles & doubles by once again topping the Midwest Open Division and finishing in the top eight ladies in the Region (7 states) She reached the #1 spot in the Midwest Open Division every year for 3yrs, as a 6th grader, a 7th grader, and now as an 8th grader.
"She has always played better the higher the competition." stated her father
"I was in the semi-finals last year, and hope to do better this year. I saw the best men in the world play and practice, like Nadal, Federer, Murray, and others that was great. I like the challenge and I know that this is for me." said Ty Ana
"I believe in Magic"
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, wins her GOLD medal. Playing singles and doubles in the USYG, her team took the gold.
" I had a chance to get the gold before and I didn't, but this time I was determine to get this GOLD medal, even if I had to play all the matches myself. I did not have to because the team came through, and we worked together. "
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, lights the eternal flame at the 2010 USYG Opening Ceremony
" I didn't know that the torch was so heavy, but I knew that I wasn't going to drop it because it was on fire. The eternal stand was 9ft plus and I had to walk up the steps to light the eternal flame to start the games. I went up the steps and lite the flame, I thought that my hair was going to go up in flames, that was just a silly thought. I got down and stood holding the torch up in the air and the crowd was cheering. This was a honor for me. I could have been at much bigger tennis events, but I knew at that moment that this was were I should be. " stated Ty Ana
" Dreams are Magic, do you believe"
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, in studio recording a promotional ad for the USYG, as the spokesperson for the National event; she was asked to participate in a number of promotional events, radio interviews, parades, photo shoots, television magazine feature, fund raising, and other promotional activities.
" This was very exciting for me, I've done TV before, but this was more, I really like this kind of work in and around these kinds of events. I love being apart of big promotions, this is definitely for me. " stated Ty Ana
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, qualifies for the 2010 U. S. Youth Games, a 44yr National youth event. Held for the first time in the Midwest (Milwaukee, WI) Presented by MPS.
Past participants, NBA stars, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley & Kenny Anderson, track star, Bo Jackson and tennis star, Pam Schreiber are just a few of the all star athletes in the U. S. Youth Games history. (as stated on USYG web site) and Ty Ana Williams will try to add her name to that illustrious list of participants.
" I would like to be a participant in the 1st International Youth Olympics in Singapore this year, but I'm to young to go this year, but next time, I could be there. So this is the next best thing for me. " said Ty Ana
"Believe, is Magic to"
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, to enter Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US Open this year in the Jr's.
"I'm ready to try to take on the best in the world now, and if I make the draw, it will be a great chance to show what I could do." said Ty Ana Williams
"I believe, do you"
{2010 Footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, now 13th, youngest and longest #1 ranked Woman player in the USTA Chicago Dist. 64 weeks and counting. (unconfirmed history of the district)
"I have always played up, at 5yrs in the 8s & 10s, at 6yrs in the 10s & 12s - at 7yrs in the 12s & 14s - at 8yrs in the 14s & 16s - at 9yrs in the 16s & 18s - at 10yrs in the Women Open Division, and now playing on the international stage; I never look at the age group just the game, its all the same to me." said Ty Ana
" Magic, its about to happen "
{2010 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, recognized at the CDTA Evening of Champions Award Banquet, Fundraiser & Hall of Fame Induction. In Rosemont, Illinois. " Last year I was there as runner-up in two categories, USTA G18s and USTA Women Open, this year I took home the top female prize; #1 ranked Woman. I held that spot at 11yrs old as well, but now at 12yrs old I finally get the honor." Ty Ana stated. ( First 12yr old ever ) I didn't get to speak at the podium, but if I did here's what I would have said.

" Magic takes time. I believe, do you? "
{2010 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, first television news feature. After receiving the Jr. Olympic Silver Medal in Chula Vista. Ty Ana was rewarded with an evening news feature, with her local favorite sports caster,Lance Allan of NBC TMJ4, highlighting her Olympic accomplishment.
Ty Ana states: "it was fun and, I can get use to this kind of stuff."
{2009 footnote}

News Alert: USTA Midwest News Showcase "Open Series"
{2009 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams qualified for the Midwest Open Series Finals at the Cincinnati Open along side the best men players in the world, like Federer,Nadal, Blake,Roddick among others.
Catch a star or two and a rising star at the Cincinnati Open
{2009 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams goes to the Olympic Training Center and wins the SILVER medal.
"I went there to get the gold, but I got silver. Oh well I got 2012, 2016 in Chicago and at my age maybe four more after that." states Ty Ana
"Do you believe in Magic"
{2009 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams qualifies for the 2009 USA Jr. Olympic Skills Competition National Finals for tennis. Winning the locals & Regional events in the Midwest, now heads to CAL to meet the best out of 1.5 million who tried across the country.
Ty Ana states, " I wasn't going to go to Regional, I had a G18 level 4 tennis Tournament that day, but I knew I had a shot. So my father drove me the 90 miles one way to the Regional event, and I didn't disappoint; I ran, jumped and hit everything, and now I'm on my way to Nationals." "Magic, I believe"
{2009 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, 12yr old in her first G18 national level 5 tennis tournament final. "I was the 2nd seed and I had to play someone who beat me 2mnths ago in a G18 final, and we had to play three matches in one day, I was up for the challenge. I didn't believe that she could beat me then, and I knew that at this level she was not going to beat me. I won and moved to the finals."
"Magic is real, do you believe"
{2009 footnote}

Ty Ana Williams, now 12yrs. old, gets her triple Crown. First, and youngest Jr. in the USTA Midwest Chicago Dist. to consolidate the G18s and Women Open division under one Champion, herself. #1 in the USTA Midwest Chicago G18s, Women Open, and Midwest Women Open Divisions.
"I knew that I could reach this goal, with my hard work and effort" Ty Ana Williams.
If this is now, what's next ?
Ty Ana believes, do you.
{2009 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, youngest female to be ranked in the "Prestigious" Itf Top National list in North America. (11yrs 6mnths and 7days)
{2009 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, first 11yr old to be ranked in the USTA Women National Open Division.
{2009 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, interviews for the Chicago's Olympic Bid Committee organizers for her opportunity of being included in the Chicago2016 Olympic marketing bid package to the IOC. Ty Ana was asked, what is your Olympic dreams?
" I will play in the 2016 Olympics in Chicago and win a GOLD medal in Tennis and Track & Field " stated Ty Ana
" Magic, that will be soon, do you believe"
{2008 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, first 11yr old to be ranked #1 in Chicago's USTA Women Open Division as well as holding the #2 spot in the G18s.
"I was looking for the triple crown this year, but I got the daily doubles, year ending at 2nd G18s , 2nd Women Open and 2nd in the Midwest Women Open; what an off year" Ty Ana Williams {2008 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams attends TOPS event in Chicago, and hit one on one with Grand Slam winner Jim Courier .
"This was amazing, I was excited, and the drill was offense & defense. It was great he is excellent, I hope one day I could collect Grand Slam hardware like him." said Ty Ana Williams (2008 footnote)
Ty Ana Williams, first 11yr old to claim the USTA Midwest Women Open Division #1 ranking (unconfirmed nationally)
" I believe that I can reach the highest levels of the game" Ty Ana Williams
{2008 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams stated, "Now that I play in the USTA Women's Open Divi ; I'm really looking forward to having fun in my older years, out there."
{2008 footnote}
Herald Times: News Flash Ty Ana Williams showcase at Brutal Wear Open Championships
{2008 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams, 10yrs old set to take on the women open division in her first Master Women Tournament, Former Midwest Open Gran Prix Event
(2008 footnote)
After opening for the great Pete Sampras in the Fed Ex Shootout at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago Dec 01.07.
Ty Ana Williams 10yrs old stated "The King of Swing was and still is the best ever"
{2007 footnote}
Ty Ana Williams also met with Northwestern Hall of fame player, Todd Martin back stage (Pete's Opponent) "He's a very nice man off the court, and all business on the court. I like that" said Ty Ana Williams
(2007 footnote)
Ty Ana Williams opening for the great Pete Sampras
Ty Ana Williams a 10yr old takes the Little Mo Nationals, North Regional G11 division title, and becomes the first player to repeat as champion in the North Regional G11 division by winning the title the following year.
"I played this division for three years, and I knew that I would win this title, so I won it twice." said Ty Ana
(2007 footnote)
Ty Ana Williams, a 9yr. old plays in her first G16 Final
"I remember this tournament very well, I wanted to play this girl, she beat me earlier that year in the G16's and I wanted to return the result this time, she was going to default the match because she couldn't stay the following day; my father didn't want me to win that way, so he told me to play the match. That was my 3rd match of the day, I lost, but I knew I could have won if we played the next day." stated Ty Ana
(2006 footnote)
Ty Ana Williams a 9yr. old gets her first Hole in One, at the year end Invitationals held at Lincoln Golf Center in Milwaukee, WI a Silver 2700yd course. 8th hole 7iron 142yrds
"Magic, its real "
(2006 footnote)

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Ty Ana Williams, an 8yr.old plays in her first MX18's Championship, and gets 2nd place
(2005 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams a 7yr. old takes 4th place at Little Mo Nationals, in Austin Texas. Unseeded and the second smallest player in her division, Ty Ana went through the 3rd seed and the 5th seed to claim her spot in the final four and her place on Championship Monday.
"Back then I never wanted to lose, and I had family in the area watching me, I had to win my way through the draw. This was my first big National tournament." stated Ty Ana Williams
(2004 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams, a 7yr. old gets her first USTA national ranking in the G12's.
(2004 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams, a 6yr old finishes last place at Little Mo Nationals, Midwest Sectionals in Chicago .

"I just turned 6 and I remember that I really wanted to win some games" said Ty Ana
(2003 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams, a 5yr old gets her first USTA national ranking in the F/D division.
(2003 footnote)

Ty Ana Williams, a 4yr. old winnings her first Certified 5k Youth run held in Downtown Milwaukee, WI The 2001 Dinosaur Dash sponsored by The Milwaukee Public Museum and other big name sponsors, 3.1 miles in 36:26.4min (she turned 4 in March this race took place in April)

" I don't remember this event I've seen pictures and the offiicial finishing times, I'm sure I did it, because I have seen race pictures of myself years before this, and I still have all the medals hanging on my wall."said Ty Ana

" Magic, before I could even remember"
(2001 footnote)

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Thursday, September 20, 2007 Ty Ana Williams "The Best To Be" Current mood: accomplished Category: Sports Ty Ana Williams, "The Best To Be". This young American tennis player has a great future across the horizon. Most of America's young players are out chasing USTA national points looking for that college scholarship; that's fine if that's the best you can do. The European players are without the USTA system of high level tournaments across the country. They turn to the ITF tour with the saying, "make it or die trying!" The American's safety net is college, and that's why our best players didn't come from the college graduations. It stops our best from being the best. If you have the support and the tools go for it. This young player has ability in the 10s - 12s - 14s - 16s - and even 18s! Wow No pressure, just big game! Ty Ana Williams The Best To Be Photo

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Ty Ana Williams history making USTA Midwest Chicago year Current mood: accomplished Category: Sports undefined Days N the life of Ty Ana Williams, a girls 18 tour player Ty Ana Williams takes 4th pl in G18s tennis tournament, 11.02.07. She's a 10yr old girl with the years of a women on the court. Playing tennis from the age of 2yr, she's became a little powerhouse in the two states where she trains. Playing in every division in both states; where she finishes deep in the draws of every Jr. age division. (10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, &18s) Ty Ana Williams is currently ranked in all Jr. divi in both states. Home State: 10s 1 - 12s 10 - 14s 61 - 16s 79 18s 79. Nationally ranked in 12s 14s 16s & 18s in most ranking systems. Her future looks very bright.

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