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Ty Ana Williams fearlessness is the reason for her success. "I fear no one and nothing on the tennis court," said Ty Ana Williams. Her success is do to her lack of fear, she goes for it always. She focuses on her abilities and moves toward her goals. A win or a lose is an opportunity to improve on herself. Do you believe?

"Now that I'm older, and know what fear is, I still fear no one, no machine or situation on the court. However I do have some fears, like losing, but my father has taught me to manage my fears to fuel my drive and focus on the court now, but sometimes its hopeless out there, because some of those ladies are too good for me..............................right now" said Ty Ana Williams "Magic" (2009 footnote)

"The great thing about being young is that I'm getting, older, smarter, stronger, and taller. For 99% of my opponents they are at their physical limits, and I am still growing. It's getting really fun out there, I believe."said Ty Ana (2010 footnote)

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